Blue Sky among the clouds !

 by Kazu

It was raining so calmly around the facility "Hakuginsou" on the hillside of mt. Tokachidake. The raining area and the clouds were moving swiftly.
Kamifurano Town in the sleepy hollow was under the cloud and seemed to be watered by the rainfall.
The climate of the area brings so many produces and products to the hollow that fertilize our lives so much.


Hakuginsou in the Rain !

by Kazu

It was raining on the hillside of Mt. Tokachidake. It was a pity that we could not enjoy trekking on that day but the inn became almost empty early in the morning.
The rooms should be cleaned up by the staffers of the inn every morning. It was time to go. 
There were tables and bench outside on the second floor. No BBQ set was found but gas grill and pans for Jingiskan BBQ were available under the roof. Dorms were also empty at that time.


"Hakuginsou" on the hillside of Mt. Tokachidake 2 !

by Kazu

Most of the guests who stayed in this inn "Hakuginsou" had already left for the peaks of the mountains after packing up their sacks but I was still relaxing there.

Because the peaks were hidden by the clouds drifting around the area. We had to give up climbing the mountains.
The simple design of the inn like a huge bungalow had given the guests comfortable sleep and rest before and after trekking. I hope this facility will be used and kept clean for the people who love mountains and Hokkaido.


The Ingredients of the hot spring spa !

by Kazu

This color of brown indicated the ingredients of the hot spring water of "Hakuginsou" on the hillside of Mt. Tokachidake.
Apparently, iron and calcium had been compiled on the rocks of the hot spring spa.
The hot spring water was flowing on the rock shaped like a table from the crack of the rocks colored with the ingredients of the water.


Tokachidake Onsen in the morning !

 by Kazu

The comfy hot spring spa in the daylight was refreshing and made what had been vague the day before so clear.
 The smell of the hot spring was not kind of sulfur. Apparently, the hot spring water seemed to contain iron, considering the color of the rocks of the spa.
The way to the outside spa was not slippery because of the artificial lawn but anyway, please watch your step if you visit this accommodation.


"Hakuginsou" of Tokachidake Onsen !

by Kazu

This is the stairs that connects the hotel rooms, lobby floor and hot spring spa.It has a elevator for disables. The stairs may be too steep for elders. 
 It may be difficult to relax in the cold water even after staying in the sauna for a while but the cold bathtub has an ergonomic design.
 It was cloudy early in the morning on that day. Nobody was in the hot spring spa in the morning too. Most of the guests had already left the accommodation earlier.


Illusion in the hot spring spa of Tokachidake Onsen !

 by Kazu

I was getting thirsty but the comfy hot spring spa outside of the main building of the hot spring spa "Hakuginsou". on the hillside of Mt. Tokachidake. 

The hot spring water was pouring from the crack of the rocks that had turned brown wih the ingredients of the water.
This is the inside hot spring spa with two hot-spring-waterfall to give a massage-effect to the shoulders of guests.