Niseko Resort Area !

 by Kazu

This is the lodge near the hotel "Tsuruga Moku-no-shou". Lodge Moiwa is the name of the facility and map of the premises is on the left.

"Kanro-no-mori" is near the lodge and ease the pain of the guests of the lodge and other visitors to the area.
"Mori" means forest in Japanese but the name is for the hotel & spa. I think that there was a hotel run by Layton Club in this site but now this hotel is accommodating the visitors to this area.


Jogging around Niseko 2 !

by Kazu

So many country villas are in that area. The message "Save the natural forest" was on the sign board shown above. The cottages are not only for summer but also for winter.

Have you ever heard of the quality powder snow of Hokkaido including Niseko area ?
This hotel "Yugokorotei" is also for the tourists including the skiers from other part on this globe but I may prefer the silence in the facility for quality time with my wife.


Jogging around Niseko !

by Kazu

Inhaling what the trees exhaled, I was energized so much in the woods and on the very cold river flow. I will take you there, Norm !
Part of clouds was left between the trees and waiting for time to disappear. It is not the steam from the hot spring.
Some old hotels along this road was closed or refurbished. Running a hotel is a tough work even for well-experienced hoteliers.


Niseko in the morning 2 !

 by Kazu

Above is the gate of the hotel " Tsuruga Moku-no-shou" .  All the guests have to go down this slope to reach the entrance through the small bridge.
 I went up the road to the upper side of the valley.The skyline was clear and shining under the blue sky.
A small trail invited me to the forest. It must lead to something excellent in the area.  What do you think the trail led to ?


Niseko in the morning !

by Kazu

It was so fine and I felt the plants were breathing and extending their branches and leaves in the sunshine. They were refreshing our bodies so much.
The capacity of the parking lot was not so huge and that made the space so comfortable.
Going up the slope from the entrance to the gate, this road connects Nisdeko area to Iwanai . This road is open even in winter  but so heavy snow covers this area every year.


Art of the Indigenous People of Hokkaido !

 by Kazu

It is said that each family of Ainu, the indigenous people in Japan, has their own pattern made of cloth, and sometimes leather. It is like a crest that belongs to a certain genealogy.
 One of the most famous carvers of the indigenous people in Japan Ainu said that he was not an artist but a craftsman.
He quit to go to grade school and started to carve the trunks of woods and produce thousands of sculptures for more than half century.


What they give us !

by Kazu

The sculptures with beautiful curved line made us think of what the designs of commodities, utensils bring us. Of course, the functions required to the items naturally decide the shape.
 But we can give them a twist and what makes the holders love them more. It draws the attentions of the consumers.
 But the art works exists without any function and pragmatic usage. They give us peace of mind, stimulate and inspire. What matters is if we want to be with them or not.