In the mood !

 by Kazu

I think my wife worked so much in establishing a special relationship the Ikedas and Albertan athletes as well as the provincial government of Alberta.
With my ability to recognize the things around me, my camera started to give the special effect to the photos as if they were the scenery in dreams. 
 Like the scenery in the fog, the frame of the tangible building seemed to be vague and disappearing from the world. It is so nice memories for my wife and myself.


My friend from Alberta !

by Kazu

It seemed that my friend from Alberta liked my wife so much that he asked me to escort the beauties from Alberta to the souvenir shop in Sapporo Beer Garden.
I took some photos of my wife and friend and left there with Albertan beauties, thinking something is wrong.
When I came back from the souvenir shop, my friend was bringing a pint of beer from the beer stand and looked so satisfied.

Encounter with the fairies !

BY Kazu

It seemed that we should wrap up the happiest hours at Sapporo Beer Garden. I will not be able to forget this beautiful scenery.
 It was getting cooler than the sunset of that day. The Albertan beauties went to souvenir shop and bought something good for their family.
My friend Scott urged me to take the Albertan beauties to the souvenir shop because he wanted to talk with my wife like this !

Japanese Fairy and Canadian Beauties !

 by Kazu

Remembering the day filled up with supreme happiness and the Albertan beauties, I regret my low -level skill to take photos.
 I should take one of my staff who were so good at taking photos with the skill of professional level.
 Every time I remember the scenery, naturally I smile with my wife but their smiles were superb. It must be the most beautiful fruit of the sister-state relationship between Hokkaido and Alberta!


Fairy !

by Kazu

Suddenly, here came a pretty Japanese fairy with Japanese traditional attire for summer called "Yukata" and did "Bon Dance"performance.
She was so cute and pretty that the members of the Canadian National Curling Team were grabbed their heart.
She continued to dance in front of us for a while. That might be the best attraction for Canadian team during their stay in Sapporo. So lucky and thanks God !


As a memento of the sister-state affiliation between Hokkaido and Alberta, Canada!

 by Kazu

My wife and I took photos with the National Curling team from Alberta. It was a splendid and comfortable night at  the beginning of August.
 It was so nice a memory for us. Every curlers were so nice to be with and they energized and inspired us so much.
 One of the lucky guys who were kissed by the athletes joined us at the end of photo session.


Go berserk 2 !

by Kazu

The lucky guy who got the sign of the athletes also got the kiss of the National Curling Team of Canada from Alberta.
 It might be the symbol of the long-lasting, stable and beneficial relationship between Alberta and Hokkaido.
It has been 38 years since the governors signed the agreement to establish a sister-state affiliation between Hokkaido Alberta.