Arts in the hotel "Tsuruga Moku-no-Shou" !

 by Kazu

Accessories were sold in the souvenir shop of the  hotel "Tsuruga Moku-no-Shou". The design was so cool and not so expensive. As mementos of their visit, they may be appropriate.
 This is also the wood carving of Ezo Blakiston's fish-owl with closed wings. You can see this kind of huge owl only in the eastern part of Hokkaido.
The logs for the fireplace were put in the shelves near the fireplace at the center of lobby room. A foot-bath was on the deck. You can see the small waterfall and river-flow from the foot-bath.  


Strolling around "Tsuruga Moku-no-Shou" 2 !

by Kazu

To reach the premises of the hotel  "Tsuruga Moku-no-Shou", you have to come down the slope from the national route and go across the bridge on the white river.
 The appearance of the hotel was like that of shrine or warehouse of old temple. The design seemed to strike a nice balance between the forest and facilities inside accommodation.
The white river was keep flowing through the trees and grasses and make comfortable sounds that ease the pain of our body and soul. Male cicadas were burning their lives and making their own sounds to invite females.

Interiors of "Tsuruga Moku-no-Shou"

by Kazu

This is the entrance of the hotel.  The design was the traditional pattern of the indigenous people of Hokkaido Ainu.
 Each family of Ainu has their own pattern of textile. The doors were colored with gold and brown. They made an exotic contrast with the black openwork.
Many wood carvings were displayed in the hotel. Above is the sculpture of  Ezo Blakiston's fish-owl half-opening the wings. I am not sure the cost of those carvings but they were the "must" to create this space with atmosphere.


Strolling around "Tsuruga Moku-no-Shou" !

 by Kazu

The creek and forest wrapped  us up so comfortably and nicely with the sound and aroma that healed us amply. No need of words I felt in the circumstances ruled by  the deities.
It was as if I was escorted by the deities to enter the sacred area of deities. Soaking your body in the world of green was superb to experience with your lovers.
This is the entrance of the hotel and parking lots. I felt the breathes of deities and creatures of that area. I wished if I had been able to communicate with those entities.


Interiors of"Tsuruga Moku-no-shou" !

by Kazu

The  corridor was filled up with the aroma of cedar or some kind of trees with comfortable aroma.
 The coloring of the wall and floor and the display on the wall was so nice with the taste of the traditional culture and works of the indigenous people of Hokkaido Ainu. It means that this kind of art should be the icon of the mind of resistance to the governing tribe of Japan.
The genuine ruins and works of art created by the indigenous people of Hokkaido Ainu were displayed in the hotel and battery chargers were in front of the hotel.


The Guest room we stayed 2 !

by Kazu

The cups for tooth-brushing were made of metal and so was the brush stand. The aroma of cedar or something healing atmosphere filled up our room subtly.
 A white river was flowing on the backside of the hotel "Tsuruga Moku-no-Shou". It was so nice to see and listen to the river flow from the window of the room. We felt the breathing of the trees.
I did not have time and vigor to check up the creatures in the river on that day after trekking on Mt. Niseko Annupri. I thought Japanese original crayfish could be seen around there because of the clean water of the river.  They eat the withered leaves of trees that fell into the river.


The Guest room we stayed !

 by Kazu

The room we stayed in "Moku-no-Shou" was run by Tsuruga Resort Hotel chain. To be honest, the smell of the furniture was so nice without too much gesture. I would like to introduce the room we stayed.
 The room for couples was made up so nicely. The room was so decorated but with the earth color .
 It was like a bulletin because the space was like that of living or study room of our condo. The type of the room may be good for Chinese and Asian people.