Events of the American Consulate General in Sapporo !

by Kazu

The reception of the US Independence Day is arranged so nicely every year. Top brasses of each area are invited. This time, Sapporo Park Hotel was the venue of the national day.
The main performance was the play of a flute and a fiddle. All the guests seemed to be relaxing and enjoying.
I was convinced of the power of music again. Human beings need music. After the prelude, the ceremony started surrounded by green plants.


End of the lunch !

by Kazu

The lunch course of that day was wrapped up with the famous roll cake of Obihiro-based patisserie "Rokkatei".
 This is the entrance of the restaurant. It's a pity that the restaurant was closed. So limited people savored the quality dishes of the restaurant, I think.
The bridge to the entrance of the restaurant from the road was also surrounded by spruce, larch and birch as well as other wild plants with some kind of fruits.


Hidden Reserve Restaurant "Rokka Sansou" 4 !

 by Kazu

Fried asparagus and crab cream croquette might be said "the main dish" of the lunch.
  Kidney beans, sliced burdock and chicken meat ball boiled with dried kelp and dried fermented bonito followed.
Boiled asparagus refreshed the inside of our mouth with its textile and slight sweetness. The dessert was butter cream cookie sandwich that contained raisin.


Hidden Reserve Restaurant "Rokka Sansou" 3 !

 by Kazu

The lunch of the hidden restaurant in the woods of Furano City started with a cup of miso soup with sliced little bamboo shoot which is called "wakatake-jiru".
 The steamed rice featuring green peas and chestnuts made me remember my grand mother who  raised me up. 
 Boiled spinach seemed to be flavored with broth, soy sauce and sesame. Sliced burdock flavored with soy sauce and chili accelerated my rice in-take.


Hidden Reserve Restaurant "Rokka Sansou" 2 !

 by Kzau

The wood deck of the restaurant hidden in the woods was wet after the rainfall early in the morning on that day.
 A fire place was on the right hand side from the entrance of the restaurant. I have never seen it warmed up the space in the restaurant.
 This is the isle to the restroom. Two or three rooms were available. Please wash your hands and gargle before the lunch.


Hidden Reserve Restaurant "Rokka Sansou" !

by Kazu

Recently, I heard that this restaurant hidden in the woods of Furano City had been closed. All the guests who want to savor the quality cuisine are required to have a reservation.
 This pretty doll welcomes all the guests at the entrance of the restaurant after the bridge covered with wood chips.
Only four tables were there in the restaurant. In maximum, twenty four people can be seated at once.


Before Establishing a Sister-state Affiliation !

by Kazu

As you may know, Hokkaido and the State of Hawaii established a sister-state relationship on May 8(Mon.) in Honolulu. Before the signing ceremony, Governor Harumi Takahashi visited Ke Kula Kaiapuni o'Anuenue where Hawaiian traditional language is taught to the kids.